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"I wanted something special for my wife for her birthday. I explained to Tim and Renee’ Brown that I wanted a one-of-a-kind, estate-type ring containing opals accented with emeralds and/or diamonds. We came up with a drawing that detailed what I desired. The result was amazing. The ring contained a large opal with two smaller teardrop opals accented with 4-emeralds in a diamond-cut gold setting. It was truly beautiful and my wife loved it. The story doesn’t end there. 

A few months later my wife had forgotten to take the ring off while working in her flower garden and unfortunately broke the larger of the opals. I went back to Tim to see if he could fix the ring. He not only found the perfect stone to replace the broken one, he was able to take the broken stone and fit it into an estate-type necklace that complemented the ring. It too had emeralds in a diamond-cut setting.

To complete the set, I asked him to design earrings with teardrop opals and two small diamonds. My wife now has a one-of-a-kind estate jewelry set that is exquisite. Since that time, whenever I have any jewelry need, whether a new piece or to fix an existing one, I go to Tim Brown Jewelers. They get the job done and the results are always the highest quality." 

-Michael W Smith, Elizabeth, Colorado


"Renee was awesome! Tim replaced the batteries in my watches and for a GREAT price. I can't wait to go back in and get our wedding bands!"

- Natalie T.


"Best jewelry in Denver!!!!!"

- Gary C.


"Tim is an artist! ! I have him finish a custom ring to match my wedding band. I previously worked in jewelry for 10+ year and am very particular. I was so pleased with his work, we are having him make another for us. It is difficult to find honest skilled jewelers. Tim is one of them. He is Very talented and I would recommend him to anyone."

- Jeanette R.

"I have always wanted a beautiful right hand ring, well now I have it! Let me tell you my story:

Several weeks ago, I walked in the new jewelry store in Elizabeth. It is owned by Tim and Renee Brown. Have you been there? You really need to check it out. I was in there to purchase a new diamond pendant (which I did) when I spotted a beautiful white gold diamond ring which contained three rows of diamonds with engraving on it. I myself wore a yellow gold ring on my right hand which had three rows of channel set diamond bands that I had soldered together. It had a row of larger diamonds in the middle and two rows of smaller diamonds on either side. I was never really happy with the way it looked.

I proceeded to ask if my three banded ring could be remade to look similar to the white gold ring they had in their store. I intended to keep my yellow gold and diamonds but I wanted the ring to look like one ring and not three rings put together. I also thought some engraving would be great on it. I just wanted a pretty ring. Tim said it could be done and that he would also prong set the middle row of diamonds in white gold.

So the other day I got to pick up my newly redesigned ring. I hardly recognized it. It is absolutely STUNNING and now I have the perfect right hand ring!! I will definitely be back for future purchases, repair or other custom made jewelry. (P.S. the white gold ring that mine is similar to is still there the last time I looked!)

Thanks so much to Tim and Renee Brown. You are warm, friendly and have a wonderful store. I am glad that you are here and I hope your business does well."

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